The Future is Here . . .
Mulhern Gas is Now Delivering Renewable Propane

Mulhern Gas is proud to be one of the first in the area to carry the next generation of clean energy - R-10 renewable propane – and we are ready to deliver it to you. In addition to all the environmental benefits of propane as a clean energy, renewability takes its sustainability to the next level. Renewable propane has the same great features as conventional propane — reliability, portability, power, and reduced carbon emissions — but with even lower carbon intensity.  

How it Measures Up

Carbon intensity is a measurement of the total carbon emitted for every unit of energy that an energy type produces – from its source of production to the point of use. The units for carbon intensity are usually expressed as million BTUs or grams/Magajoule. Considering that the national average carbon intensity of grid electricity for residential usage is 130 grams/mj, and the national average for conventional propane is 79 grams/mj – renewable propane bests all, coming in around 20 grams, and even lower, dependent upon how it is produced.* 

Renewable propane can be made from a variety of renewable feedstocks such as plant and vegetable matter, animal fats, biomass, or used cooking oil – most considered waste. But, much of today’s renewable propane is even being generated from the seed oil of the Camelina plant. Camelina is a member of the mustard family and a relative of cabbage, kale, and cauliflower, but it is not a food crop, so it does not compete with food production. This cover crop is also drought and pest tolerant and pollinator friendly. 

R-10 Paves the Way 

Our initial shipments will be of R-10 propane, which has the same exact properties as conventional propane. It is compatible with all systems and appliances that currently operate with conventional propane, so there is no need to replace anything within your home. R-10 is actually a blend of conventional propane, and 10% renewable propane. We are making it available to our residential customers as long as supplies allow through 2024. Overall, as demand for renewable propane increases as well as the use of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel fuel, so will the supply, and the percentage mix of renewable within the deliveries.

Join Mulhern Gas in taking the next step toward a clean energy solution. Call us to join us in moving toward the future of propane.

How Renewable Propane is Made

*The carbon intensity for renewable propane made from Camelina can be as low as 7 grams/mj for residential use, according to The Propane Education & Research Council.

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The Future of Clean Energy

Renewable propane is the next chapter of clean energy. Commonly produced from feed stock, animal fats and cooking oil, it could supply almost half the country’s propane demand by 2040. Now and for the future, no other fuel can live up to such a high standard for sustainability.

Feel good about the environment and your energy decision when you choose American propane.